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Highway Maintenance & Construction

Pavement Preservation Specialists

Highway Maintenance & Construction Company is a road construction company that has specialized in extending the life of asphalt pavements since 1972.  We offer a variety of preservation options including Chipseal, Fog Seal, Micro Slurry, Overband Crack Seal, and Spray Patching Contact us today and find out how we can help you extend the life of your roads.

Our Story

Since being founded in 1972 by Carl Demek, Highway Maintenance & Construction has been one of the leading pavement preservation specialists in the state of Michigan. We’ve helped our customers extend the life of their pavements through the many different road treatment options we offer. We can work with you on budgets, large or small, to help maintain your roadways and/or parking lots. Contact us to receive a free estimate today.



Since our founding in 1972, we’ve been at the forefront of all the latest products and techniques to help extend pavement life, offering a wide range of services to handle our clients’ needs. From intensive project management to job oversight, we do it all for the most competitive rates on the market. Call us today for a free consultation.


Chipseal is an old pavement maintenance tool using new, high performance materials. It is being used by most counties throughout the State of Michigan. Pavements can be sealed with a new wear surface in one or two applications. New, polymer modified asphalt materials and clean aggregates give you a surface that keeps the cracks sealed due to the soft, flexible characteristics of the asphalt used in chipseal.  Costs are less than half that of a hot mix overlay with much less elevation change, saving curb height.

Fog Seal

Fog Seal solves the age-old problem of loose aggregate after a chipseal application sweeping and applying a Fog Seal.  This 50-50mixture of emulsion and water give the chipseal a black appearance that costumers love and a layer of asphalt to the top that helps hold the stone in place.

Micro Slurry

Micro Slurry is a Cold Mixed Process that adds a new high asphalt content surface that withstands the sun and water damage. Applied at 15 pounds of aggregate per square yard, it is 1/4" thick and gives you a new, skid resistant uniform surface that hides all patches and crack sealing.  A Micro Slurry Machine mixes and applies the material on the pavement.  You can resurface with Micro Slurry for a fraction of the cost of a Hot Mix Overlay. The skid resistant surface makes driving and walking safer.

Overband Crack Seal

If your budget is limited, the most economical way to extend the life of your pavements is with Overband Crack Sealing. Overband Crack sealing seals the cracks in your pavement and prevents further deterioration.  All cracks are blown out with 100psi compressed air and then sealed using an overband disk which puts material into the crack and on the surface on both sides of the crack. This "T" of material seals the crack from water intrusion, the main cause of pavement failures.

Spray Patching

Spray Patching, which can be applied to concrete or asphalt roads uses a machine that removes the loose debris out of cracks or potholes with 250 cubic feet per minute forced air. The same nozzle, with the opening of a valve, applies a hot asphalt emulsion seal/tack coat.  With the flip of a switch, a high quality aggregate is coated with a polymer modified asphalt and then shot into the crack, joint or hole.  The patch is then rolled with a 1 Ton roller.


A more recent process being used by communties across the state is called Capeseal is being used around the area to maintain Asphalt Pavements. A Single or Double Chipseal application is applied to the pavement followed by a Type II Micro Slurry. This process is called Capeseal, named after a process first done in South Africa. It gives you a flexible new surface that seals the cracks with no loose stone.  The cost of a Capeseal surface is less than one half the cost of a hot mix overlay. A Capeseal surface will not use up your curb height or require adjustments to drainage structures


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